About 36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type started in 2014 as a personal project from Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, both graphic designers from Barcelona. Back then they decided to challenge themselves to create something new everyday, as a way to experiment new things by creating personal daily design challenges around typography and graphic design.

Those personal projects were the starting point, with the idea of inviting more people into the same challenge, and this is how the idea of 36 Days of Type was born: A 36 days celebration of typography and creativity, involving designers, visual artists and creatives from all fields in a global and simultaneous act of creativity around type and letterfoms.

The Team

Each edition of the project is entirely managed, launched and curated by us through Treintayseis, our graphic design studio. Based in Barcelona, our work focuses on creating brands and visual identities, art direction, type design and bespoke graphic solutions for all kind of communication projects.

For any design related projects or any sponsorship proposal, feel free to contact us through our website.


On every edition, we invite a selection of 36 studios, designers or graphic artists to create the opening submission for each day and each letter and number. Their contributions are one of the core areas of the project, involving well-known professionals and emerging talents into our creative community.

We have been lucky to have the contrubutions of so many great studios and artists, and couldn’t be more greatuful for their support. Here’s the complete list edition by edition.

Edition #01

Edition #02

Edition #03

Edition #04

Edition #05

Edition #06

Edition #07

Edition #08

Edition #09


This project wouldn’t been possible without the love and support of many individuals who believed in the idea from the very first edition and many others that have contributed in many ways, from our beloved guest artists on each edition, to the people supporting and spreading the project and to all the creative minds who participate every year by submitting their artworks who are the soul of this initiative and the project itself.

The list would be so long, so thank you all and each of you, we love you!