Welcome to the 2022 Edition of 36 Days of Type! From March 7 to April 11, every designer, illustrator or artist is invited to share their own creative take on the letters and numbers from the Latin alphabet, taking part on a global and simultaneous act of creativity that explores the boundaries of typography.

For this 9th Edition, we are super happy to have the great support from Fontself as our beloved sponsor for another year. Read below to know more about their amazing work and how they fuel the type community with their incredible tools.

One of our main goals is to help the creative community to get the most from their submissions for each edition of 36 Days of Type. That’s why we are thrilled to partner again this year with Fontself as our official sponsor for the 2022 Edition.

Fontself is not only the easiest and fastest tool to make you own fonts, allowing you to produce working fonts by just drag & drop your custom letters right within Illustrator & Photoshop, but also a great supporter of all things around typography and with a special focus on democratization of type design, making it this difficult craft much more reachable.

This year, our friends at Fontself will unveil a new incredible tool they’ve been working on, so be sure to follow them here and also here to know more!